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Be-Factored will endeavour to meet the following service levels within our Declaration Statement of Service:

Deed of Conditions

Be-Factored recommend that all owners carefully review their Deed of Conditions. It is a legal document and details your duties and responsibilities. This should be supplied to you on purchase of the property by your solicitor.

New Owner

On purchasing your property your solicitor should notify Be-Factored of your purchase and date of entry as well as submit payment of your Float. Your solicitor instruction triggers the issuing of your Information Pack and the creation of your property account. Where a Float payment has not been made by your solicitor, this will be charged on your first invoice. We also require to know the address to which correspondence should be sent and for insurance purposes if your property is rented.

Selling your Property

When selling your property, your solicitor should notify Be-Factored of the sale and request a Final Account applicable to the last date of your ownership. However, as not all solicitors working practices are the same, it is advisable for you to also contact Be-Factored and provide us with the following information:

This information can be provided by calling our office or you can email info@be-homegroup.co.uk with the subject heading ‘Pending Sale’ to advise us of the sale of your property. This will allow Be-Factored to forward any relevant correspondence to you directly if necessary.


We aim to resolve queries during the course of any telephone calls however if we require to revert back to you we will do so within 48 hours.


We aim to respond initially to correspondence within seven days of receipt. If for any reason we are unable to return to you within that timescale, we will acknowledge your correspondence and advise a time frame for a response. It may be that we are carrying out investigations with a third party


Here at Be-Factored, we are very focused on communicating with all our residents. We produce a newsletter entitled ‘Factor File’ which is uniquely tailored around your development and is issued bi-annual/quarterly along with your invoice or when required. We would like to encourage you to get in touch with anything you would like us to include in our publications. We want to hear from you. The Questions and Answers section within our website provides a list of frequently asked questions and you may find further explanations to your points within this section of our website.


We use external insurance brokers to place cover for all of our buildings and any other insurance. The broker ensures claims are swiftly submitted and supports us and our customers through the subsequent process of arranging repair work and settlement. We aim to ensure that claim correspondence is actioned within 48 hours of notification, although this timescale will not apply to claims where a loss adjuster has been appointed. We do not charge any fee to our customers for arranging insurance cover, however we are paid commission for our part in the administration and claims process. Where necessary, we arrange cover for lift insurance and inspection and third party liability. It is policy at Be-Factored that no claim settlement will be paid out to any owner who is in factoring arrears. See your insurance section of website for more information.


Our Property Managers or Representatives will visit your development a minimum of twice yearly. They will complete a site inspection report and it will be completed by a visual inspection of the exterior fabric of the building and all communal areas which are accessible. The report will note any issues noticed and any actions required. The report is not of a survey nature and should a more detailed report be required we would recommend that the owners appoint the services of the required specialist.

Approved Contractors

To ensure we deliver a high standard of service to you, we employ specialist companies to attend to the regular and cyclical maintenance and repair of the development. Be-Factored will liaise on specifications, obtain competitive tenders in order to achieve the best value for money for the service and repairs; organise and manage all contracts, and arrange settlement of contractor invoices. Each contractor must hold appropriate level of insurance and comply with all current legislation.


We endeavour to provide the best repair response times. We expect emergency repairs to be attended to within 4 hours of notification. Certain circumstances may require longer for a specialist to attend but the affected parties will be notified. Standard repairs will generally be taken care of within five working days (often within 48 hours). Factors outwith our control such as weather, ordering of parts, additional quotations and development finances may govern a timeframe.

Major Repairs

We request a majority vote by owners before authorising any major works at your development (in accordance with the Deed of Conditions). Please note that we will not be in a position to complete works until necessary funds are received in advance. It is the responsibility of all owners to upkeep their property and non payment will have a direct consequence for your neighbours.

Out of Hours Service (If applicable)

Be-Factored provides a out of hours emergency contact repairs line service outwith normal office hours, weekends, public holidays, training days etc. Should an emergency arise the telephone no is 01355 207088. Owners are provided with an ‘Out of Hours’ Emergency details in their Information Pack with a contact number. When called, an operator at the call centre obtains the facts relating to the problem, assesses if the call is an emergency and if so they will contact the appropriate tradesman. You will be asked for details such as the development name, your address and telephone number. All calls are recorded.

Please note –all callouts will be charged to the development account and if deemed not an emergency you maybe charged for the callout. Please see our Emergency Information section for more information.


Your accounts are produced either quarterly or bi-annually each year and detail expenditure which have incurred during the proceeding specific period. The Deed of Conditions stipulates the invoicing frequency and apportionment of expenditure. If we require issuing more than one reminder we reserve the right to charge a late payment fee. This will be itemised in your next invoice.

Management Fee

The management fee is our fee charged to the owners for the management and administration relating to the development. Owners are invoiced either quarterly or bi annually unless specified. Guaranteed to rise no more than annual inflation unless Be-Factored justifies good reason.


We have completed all the documentation under the Scottish Property Factor Registration process which will enable us to legally continue offering a common property management service to all our clients. We hold professional indemnity insurance.

Complaints Procedure

Be-Factored have a tailored complaint system in place to help resolve any issues that you may have.

Changing Property Management Company

This is less difficult that you think. See our “How To Switch Factor” page for more information.


The responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of these areas lies solely with the proprietors as owners of the properties. It is our job as Factor, to relieve you of this day-to-day responsibility by ensuring that all such matters are taken care of efficiently