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Communal Building Insurance on a property that is factored is normally covered by a Block Buildings Insurance. If insurance is applicable to your development or property it will be referred to within the Deed of Conditions.

Any building with communal areas such as shared roofs, gardens or internal stairwells are required to be covered by a common building insurance policy.

A block buildings policy is a communal Insurance Policy which avoids the pitfalls which could arise when vital cover is left to be arranged by individual owners with disparate requirements. The reasons why a communal insurance policy is used is:

What does the building insurance cover?

The Block Buildings Insurance covers all fixtures and fittings within the building and the structure of the building. It is important to note that individual policies do not cover communal areas so it is essential to have a Block Building Insurance policy in place.

Who do I contact?

You can contact our Property Managers regarding insurance but we recommend approaching our Insurance Broker. Their details are on the policy documentation.

Property insurance is essential to protect your investment and the broker will, on behalf of us and yourselves obtain competitive, comprehensive property quotations (including all liabilities) annually from recognised insurance providers this ensuring that you as owners benefit from the best cover. They will also help and direct you with any claims that occur throughout the insurance year whether individually or collectively.

Insurance Claims Procedures

In the event of your requiring to make an insurance claim, please contact the broker, advising of your name, the development name, full property address and insurance policy number. They will assist you through your claim. Please also notify Be-Factored so that we can update our records and manage the process accordingly.

Policy Wording

A copy of the relevant insurance policy documents cover can be obtained by contacting our offices. Any claim must be notified to ourselves and the Insurers within 30 days of an incident occurring or it may not be valid.