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All invoices for common charges are produced either quarterly or bi annually and are due for payment as per the invoice terms unless Be-Factored has agreed other terms with you in writing. In order to assist in settling your invoices we accept a variety of payment methods.

Payment Methods:

By Internet Banking

When paying by this method you must advise of your surname and property number, which is located at the top right of your invoice. This will ensure your payment can be identified and credited to your account.

Standing Order Mandate

In order to spread the cost and not receive a large bill we strongly urge you to set up a Standing Order and make a specified monthly payment. This also helps your developments cashflow for any extra works required throughout the year. If you are interested in paying by this method please call us and we will advise you how to set up a Standing Order payment.

By Debit or Credit Card

Payment can be made by telephoning our office. When calling please have your invoice and card details to hand. All major debit and credit cards are accepted and there will be a small charge levied for Credit Card Transactions.

At a Bank

Payment can be made at any bank. Just complete the relevant form at your bank and use the sort code and account number at the bottom left of your invoice. Please remember to advise of your surname and property address which is located at the top right of your invoice.

By Cheque

Cheques should be made payable to Be-Factored accompanied by a copy of your factoring invoice.

By Cash

If payment is by cash we would ask that this is paid by visiting our office.

Other Payments

You can make payment in advance by any of the above means.

Development Bank Account

Each development has its own specific bank account. These accounts are ‘ring fenced’ accounts. All income i.e float payments, invoice payments, and monthly standing orders are credited to this account. Likewise all expenditure payments and bank charges are taken from this account.

Provisional Expenditure Budget

Each development has its own unique Provisional Expenditure Budget. This is based on previous years costs, attained costs and average sums. Please note this is only an indicator of future costs and estimated expenditure to aid with budgeting and standing order amounts. At the end of each year an Actual Expenditure will be produced for your development and made available on request.

Final Account

Once notified of your property sale, Be-Factored will produce a Final Statement of Account for your property. The creation of this account may take between 6-8 weeks based on the frequency of invoices from suppliers. The account apportionment will be calculated to your final date of ownership.

Once your Final Statement of Account is produced, Be-Factored will be in a position to advise you of any money outstanding or funds to be reimbursed. If applicable, your Float will be reimbursed at this point. Payment will be made either directly to you or to your solicitor as instructed. The administration cost to produce your final account is based on your development and final administrative time.

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