01355 302061

Email: info@be-homegroup.co.uk

How do I report a maintenance issue or repair?

If you are an owner or resident of a property and need to report a fault to Be-Factored, please contact us initially via:

Tel: 01355 302 061
E-mail: info@be-homegroup.co.uk
2a North Kirklands
Eaglesham Road
Glasgow G76 0NT

To ensure that common repairs are attended to as promptly as possible, homeowners should notify Be-Factored of any defect requiring attention immediately it becomes apparent.

We will then gather all information about the issue and instruct a relevant contractor to attend and contact us onsite with a quote and breakdown of what needs attention. If acceptable we provide authorisation to carry out the works.

How do we prioritise issues?

Clearly not all repairs require immediate action and can be repaired within a reasonable time frame. We do prioritise:

Attaining Quotes

For minor repairs such as lighting or tightening of door hinges we contact local contractors who are highly reliable. This is both cost effective and time efficient. For more expensive issues Be-Factored will obtain at least 2 quotes and proceed with not only the best price, but the best repair package.

Development Finances

Our ability to complete general repairs and maintenance depends on the available funds within the development account. We encourage all owners to pay invoices promptly to allow ongoing services, repairs and maintenance.

Out-Of-Hours Services for Emergency Assistance for your own Property

Landlords will probably, at some point, require emergency out-of-hours services and now there is an easy method of dealing with such circumstances.

Unfortunately we have all been in a situation where we require a contractor to attend to a burst pipe, the central heating system breaking down or getting locked our own home to name a few and due to the nature of these Emergency calls they can occur at any time of the day or night. Then starts the process of fumbling through the Yellow Pages, or similar for a contractor, no easy task at 2am!

However as a valued Be-Home Group client you now don’t need to – Simply call ‘Emergency Contractor’ on 0203 8188 333.

Emergency Contractor will ask the tenant some general questions i.e. the development name/address so they can confirm if they are indeed a Be-Home Group Client and to determine the nature of the Emergency so as to instruct the appropriate contractor/tradesman to attend.

Please note that this service does not address any communal emergencies & is only specific to contractors who are required to attend to emergencies within your own properties. Be-Home Group are simply offering this as an extra service facility as a valued Client.

We sincerely hope that you don’t need to call, however if you do, you now know that help is available (24/7) in your properties hour of need!”