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What Can Be-Maintained Offer Property Developers?

Be Maintained, with its own experience and advisors, offer unique financial and legal expertise which allows for straight-forward handover and transfer of developments.

Our experienced property managers can assist with open space planning and any landscape snagging that may be required. Our team are here to lighten the load and bridge the gap between owners and developers.

We believe in providing the best packages to all developers. This includes:


As a developer we understand that it can be frustrating spending time liaising with owners on issues after completion of the handover of a new site. Our regular production of newsletters and email news shots enable Be-Maintained to communicate any relevant information onto the appropriate parties free of charge.

Inspections, Visits and Checks

Our property management team regularly attend sites and complete site inspection assessments.
We know that the reputation of a developer is crucial and this is often formed by existing developments and projects. By maintaining your project to the highest standards, we also help maintain your reputation as a developer.

Our Current Portfolio

We have a substantial and varied portfolio across Scotland. Our skilled team have assisted in the planning and design of many of our sites open space. This includes expertise within: