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Frequently Asked Questions From Landlords:

How can I be sure my tenants are suitable?
Comprehensive vetting procedures are carried out on all suitable tenants to ensure a consistent standard of resident.

What annual charges will I be liable for?
There is an annual marketing charge ensuring your property is always rented. Be-Rented only retain our listed management fee (detailed each rental statement). All potential costs are explained to new landlords on agreement.

When will I receive rent income and statement?
Every month, unless otherwise agreed. Our Financial team supervises this process and ensures each landlord receives payment with a rental statement detailing income and expenditure.

How do I change from my current letting agent?
It could not be easier to become a member of our growing client portfolio. Simply contact us and we will do the rest. For more information give us a call and we can provide you with a quote.

Who maintains the common area of the building around my property?
An appointed factor, or property manager will be responsible for the communal areas. Each owner is charged a share of any repairs, maintenance, electricity or building insurance. Please note that it is imperative that you keep up to date with all factoring charges to insure the value of your investment. Our sister company, Be-Factored can provide you expert advice on any factoring issues.

What do I do about building and contents insurance?
An appointed property manager should have in place a block building insurance policy. Content insurance is normally the responsibility of the tenant. Be-Rented can provide you with details of our insurance broker if you would like a quote for content insurance.

Still have a question? Email us at enquiries@be-homegroup.co.uk